Colegio Peruano Británico Model United Nations 2019

That is how our delegates answer when they are asked what does CPB MUN mean to them. After all, they are the team, they are the family and they are CPB MUN.

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What is CPBMUN?

A Model United Nations Conference is a simulation of the real United Nations conference, in which students are able to comprehend the importance of each topic assigned, being matters of concern for the international community, while representing a country with a certain profile and policy towards the issue they are dealing with during the conference. In that way, delegates practice and improve their negotiation, speaking and drafting skills as well as their empathy, leadership and, most importantly, their cooperation when working together, acknowledging the fact that every opinion matters.

What is          Model UN?

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- "A family, a team".

- "An opportunity to learn while having fun".

- "A community in which we are free to express what we think, know and what we would like to change".

-"It means support, friendship and connection".

- "It's the feeling that someone will always have your back, whether you fall or stand".

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